Here is a simple itinerary of the plans for my next adventure: a semester abroad in East Africa!  More detail will be added from the field — I do not yet know where my semester abroad will take me!

February 1st 2015:  Fly to Amsterdam via New York.

February 2nd 2015: Fly to Kilimanjaro.  Drive to Rhotia, Tanzania.  First day of the program at Moyo Hill Camp.  (Read more about the SFS field station in Tanzania here.)

February 3rd- May 9th 2015: At Moyo Hill Camp for SFS program!

May 10th, 2015: Last full day of the program.

May 11th, 2015: Fly to Zanzibar and stay overnight in Jambiani!

May 12th-16th 2015: Relax in Jambiani- snorkel, swim, and lay on the beach.

May 16-20th 2015: Explore Stone Town for a few days.

May 20th 2015: Homeward bound via Amsterdam!

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