Hello Again


Hello again, everyone.

It has been 186 days since my last blog post- almost exactly half a year. In that time, I have had so many wonderful opportunities to learn and travel that I cannot begin to express my gratitude for them and my guilt at not sharing these adventures with the blogosphere.

I have had the privilege of studying abroad in Tanzania, travelling the island of Zanzibar (with much help from my donors- thank you all!), participating in computational biology research in Charleston, SC, during a historic time for the South, climbing several of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and so much more. Each of these experiences is worth so many more pictures and words than I have time to give, but hopefully I can do right by them in the time I have.

So, look out for more photos and stories from around the world, starting next week. I can’t guarantee that I will be consistent or thorough (life happens), but I can promise you there will be something. 

Until next time,


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