Wildlife of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania


A few weeks after our return from safari in Tarangire National Park, it has begun to sink in what a breathtaking time we spent in the park. Naturally, since we are here to learn, much of our time was spent doing field exercises or gathering valuable population counts of the large mammals in the park. But there was some time for plain old game drives as well, and what we saw was absolutely incredible.


The little creature below, one of the lesser known residents of East Africa, is called a dik-dik, or digidigi, the smallest antelope in the world.  The adorable little things have long, mobile snouts, and they mate for life.


Elephants, or tembo, more than any other creature of the savannah, have a certain gravitas that draws the eye and demands your full attention. The landscape here would not seem complete without them, and when they are near you can feel their acute awareness of your presence.  Especially when they look right at you…


We were also lucky enough to witness a pride of seventeen lions (simba) on the move just before sundown on our last day in the park. One energetic young male attempted to engage an older female in play, but she was simply not having it.

DSC_0252 (2)

All in all, the safari was a great time, and things have been busy at SFS since our return.  In only a few weeks, we depart for another expedition to the Serengeti, and when we return, we cap off the first half of the semester with a week of exams. After that, we begin our six-week “Directed Research” projects, to which we will devote most of our remaining time.  We have only been here six weeks, but all of the students know how quickly the second half of the program is going to fly by.  We have to take it upon ourselves to enjoy every waking moment of it, and to remain grateful and eager for every amazing day we have the privilege of spending here.

Until next time,



2 responses to “Wildlife of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

  1. Heather,
    Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us. It is so beautiful there. Once again your pictures tell a story.

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