“Karibu Tanzania!”


After an arduous journey and many hours of travel, we have finally made it to Tanzania! Our first night, we drove to Arusha and stayed at a hotel, getting about six hours of sleep before setting off in the morning to our new home.  The sights and smells of Africa are like no other- both unfamiliar and nostalgic at once.

Moyo Hill Camp, where the 33 of us wanafunzi (students) will be living and learning  for the next three months, is nestled in the quaint northern town of Rhotia.  Already, my heart has been captured by the beauty of this place and its people.  I’m not sure the realization has dawned on me yet that I am actually here in Africa at last… despite having seen some unexpected locals grazing on the side of the road!


I’ve also seen a Grey Heron, two baboons, and a great number of beautiful birds that I couldn’t identify, and that was just driving to camp!  I know Tanzania has some amazing experiences in store for me over the next few months. Luckily I have to wait no longer.




2 responses to ““Karibu Tanzania!”

  1. Heather,
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Love to hear from you. I trust you will have a wonderful time. Sherie

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