Birds, Waves, and Sunsets on the California Coast

Two weeks ago, I took a trip down to San Francisco to visit my boyfriend before embarking on the long adventure of studying abroad in Tanzania.  On our second night, we headed out to Point Reyes for some camping and an overnight at Sky Camp.  Though I didn’t bring my (quite heavy) camera up the trail to the campsite, I managed to capture a few lovely birds.  The visitor’s center is a popular hang-out spot for acorn woodpeckers, California quail, red-tailed hawks, and many other birds that I didn’t manage to capture with my lens.



Later in the week, we stayed overnight at the rustic Steep Ravine Cabins near Stinson Beach.  Without electricity, heat, or running water, “rustic” is quite an accurate word.  The cabins, after falling into a state of sorry disrepair, were given new life by the Parks Department in the 1980s.  Only a few hundred yards from the water, the ten cabins that remain standing have lovely views of the ocean and weren’t as cold as we expected for mid-January, either.

We took a lovely stroll on the nearby beach, made a blunder out of our attempt to use the charcoal grill, and ended up cooking on a camp stove we brought with us.  We witnessed the flutterings of several ruby-throated hummingbirds right outside the window of our cabin, #8, named “San Andreas,” and we got to watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean (a rare chance for a Minnesota girl).




I am so thankful I had the opportunity to see Oliver before leaving for Tanzania, and it was an absolutely phenomenal way to spend our last week together until we are reunited in the summertime. I will be posting soon with updates about packing and preparations, but until then, good luck to all my friends at Reed who are renewing their studies today!

Until next time,


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