Bad News: No Kenya for Me


“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” -Scottish Proverb

I received an email yesterday bearing unfortunate news: due to increased unrest and terrorism in Kenya, my best laid plans have gone awry.

Since my acceptance into the School for Field Studies in March, I have been preparing for a trip of a lifetime: four months in Kenya and Tanzania, living in the bush and studying wildlife conservation.  Now, Kenya has been scratched off the destination list.

I am not going to let this news get me down.  Sometimes plans change, and I know it is best not to draw comparisons in your mind between where you are, and where you “could have been.”  Nothing good will come of spending my first seven weeks in Tanzania saying, “But I could have been in Kenya!”

So I will take this change in stride and accept it as a gift: I have been given an opportunity to really get to know northern Tanzania and to become a part of it for four short months.  I remain deeply grateful for having the chance to visit such a unique place!

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10 responses to “Bad News: No Kenya for Me

  1. Aww that sucks you won’t be able to go to Kenya (this time) I’ve never been there but I’ve heard great stories about those who have. I hope you have an amazing experience 🙂

    • Rick-
      I was looking forward more to Tanzania than to Kenya, so the let down could have been worse! But I appreciate the sentiment; it can always be a little disappointing at first when plans change. I’m sure it will still be the experience of a lifetime!

  2. It probably depends on the area you go to in Kenya. Not the whole country is a place to avoid. Scary things have happened in Tanzania as well. But maybe there is less gunrelated violence in these countries than in the USA. It can be hard to make decisions.

    • I agree with you. Our group was not going to be near any major cities, in an unlikely place to face any threat of terrorism. But I respect the decision of the program, knowing they made their choice with our safety in mind. Best wishes!

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