Five Reasons (Not) to Take Organic Chemistry Over the Summer

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had to sacrifice my summer to take Organic Chemistry at Portland State University.  It is a year-long class compressed into only nine weeks.  All the students agree it can be a killer.  Here’s why (with some Walter White added in for good measure).



1: the number of exams you will have every week.



2: the number of four-hour labs every week.



3: the number of textbook chapters you must read every week.



4: the number of 140-minute lectures you must attend every week.



5: the number of days you have to wake up early for this class every week (pardon Walter White’s French).


So there you have it.  In spite of everything though, I can’t help enjoying myself in that class. And pardon me for the bad chemistry puns; all the good ones Argon!


Until Next Time,

Heather MilNe


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