Considering Kilimanjaro


As I make preparations for my sojourn to the great continent of Africa for a semester of studying wildlife ecology, I have been thinking more about my plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft) at the end of the semester-long program through the School for Field Studies.  The climb itself can take anywhere from five to nine days, depending both on the route and the pace of the group (there are six main routes up the mountain), and most tour operators will book their customers a night in a hotel both before and after the climb.

Despite the small number of routes, there is no dearth of Kilimanjaro tour operators, which vary dramatically across the board in both cost and quality.  Personally, I want to find a balance of both.  I don’t need to be living in the lap of luxury on the mountain (like Adventure Consultants offers).  All I want is to get safely up and come safely down, all the while eating enough food and drinking enough water.

Currently I am considering ascending with Climbing Kilimanjaro (part of Destination Africa Tours), Team Kilimanjaro, or Kilimanjaro Alpine Service, all of which seem both reliable and reasonably priced.  That said, I appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) other climbers have regarding these or any other Mt. Kilimanjaro tour operators.  It is a tough decision to make, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like ascending the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, and any advice is greatly appreciated!

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3 responses to “Considering Kilimanjaro

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  2. Hi Heather, try Samba Treks. We are a U.S. company, but much cheaper than many of the others because we are a social enterprise, committed to porter welfare. We launched our company to create social change by providing jobs for Tanzanians and creating better working conditions for the porters. Check us out at
    Best of luck to you!

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