The Only Way to Travel: Portland to San Francisco by Train

I had begun to forget about the existence of the color green.  After several weeks of winter-white Minnesota, the vibrant pastures of central Oregon were a shock to my senses.  Though after miles and miles and miles of it, my senses started to remember the color green quite well.  It seemed that if I gazed on a white surface it would appear red for trying to balance out so much green.



As was the case for most of my journey, the light always took on that striking yellow glow perfect for photographs.

DSC_0380  DSC_0405


Eventually the clouds kept building until they took over the sky.  Then there was nothing to do but watch the rain streak across the window.


And when the sun rose over California, our train was rolling by.

DSC_0547 DSC_0594

Though most of the journey was in darkness, this had its advantages too.  I may not have been able to take photos, but the ride was much faster because I spent so much of it sleeping (read: trying to sleep).

I hope you have enjoyed my photos so far!  There are still more coming, but if you simply cannot wait, you can check out my photos from the Portland to Minneapolis journey, or the return trip (Minneapolis to Portland)!  Or, if you want to hear more about what it’s like to ride Amtrak, you should click here!

Until next time,



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