The Way Back: Minneapolis to Portland by Train

Rows of dancing trees

As I pass by they almost

Seem to move with me.

The second leg of my immense train adventure over winter break was astoundingly beautiful.  I thought I knew what awaited me out the windows of the Empire Builder after taking the same trip from Portland to Minneapolis a few weeks earlier.  But with differences in time and weather as the train chugged along the same tracks, it was a whole new world.

Of everything I saw on my way back to Portland, the things that seemed to fascinate me most were the clouds.  Never before had I seen the sky so consistently and beautifully adorned.  Even in the middle of the afternoon, the clouds glowed with a pinkish hue.

1 2 3

I would just like to say that the following photo is unedited.  The way that the sun pierced through the cloud cover was marvelous enough that it did not require photo editing software.  I have never seen anything like it.

4 5

I could not have asked for better lighting.  The world is a beautiful place.
10 9  6 8

In the morning before arriving at Union Station, I awoke to find the sun rising in Washington.  I don’t even know what body of water this is, but it made for some amazing photos.
14 13  11

After this, the train began to follow the Columbia River Gorge from the East.  The views were spectacular on all sides, but it began to get too foggy and gray for photos.  I sat with my new train friends (an unavoidable and wonderful consequence of train travel) and watched the scenery pass by.

It is so easy to appreciate the beauty of the world when you have nothing to do but watch it roll past your window.  You get to see every sunrise and every sunset and every moment you are moving and the world is morphing around you and all you have to do is watch and wait with your eyes open.

I cannot express how much I love the train.

Stay tuned for more photos from the train!  If you need to get your fix of train photos, you can visit my previous post here with pictures from the PDX-MSP journey, or you can read in more detail about my experience taking the train here.  The same links are on the top of the page.  I would love to hear input in the comments about your experiences taking the train, whether they be good or bad!

Until next time,



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