Portland Showers Bring February Flowers!

Today in Portland we were blessed with some nice weather, so I took my camera for a walk with the intention of photographing all the spring growth I’ve been noticing lately. It seems way too early for it; my good ol’ Minnesotan instincts tell me I shouldn’t be able to see the front lawn till mid-March, let alone go out in flip-flops.

So, in accordance with my New Year’s Resolution, I took advantage of the flowers while they are in bloom. Time is so short in this respect, and life is so transient! It is a good thing too, because no doubt we would not have the same appreciation for flowers if they bloomed all year long.





I think I gave this squirrel a fright.  He turned around pretty quickly as I passed by with my camera in his face.

DSC_0245  DSC_0213 DSC_0195  DSC_0140

This is one of Reed’s infamous “Canyon Cats.”  I was lucky to get a photo of the little rascal.




This daffodil is still in progress, but in the mean time it looks like the head of some extraterrestrial beast.



And the best part of it all was that I got to pay a visit to my good friend the bufflehead, this time with camera in hand!  My New Year’s Resolution is already paying off retroactively.


Knowing that the days are getting warmer and the clouds are slowly dissipating warms my heart.  Every evening, the color of the sky is a shade lighter when I’m walking to dinner.  Spring is on its way, and summer is not far behind!

Until next time,

Heather Milne


2 responses to “Portland Showers Bring February Flowers!

  1. Love the photos…. Love reading what you do and seeing through your eyes. Mimi would be thrilled by the way you appreciate the beauty around you. ❤

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