Train Travel is Still Romantic: From Portland to Minneapolis

I recently spent a fairly long time riding various trains to various locations (read more about the experience here).  The first leg of this adventure, and my first time taking a train any substantial distance, was my journey from Portland to Minneapolis at the commencement of winter break at Reed.  I thought I might share some of my photos with you.  The primary subjects are the many varied (or not) landscapes of Montana (and North Dakota), and the results are mixed.  However, I did gain a new appreciation for the beauty of farmland.

Taking photos out the window of a moving vehicle is challenging, to say the least.  There is almost always a reflection of the lights inside the train, or a smudge on the window, or a slew of trees that appears just in time to block a perfect view.  I quickly learned that Sports Mode was a godsend in these cases, allowing me to capture the “fast-moving” landscapes outside the window between closer obstacles like trees (even though I was the one moving in reality).

When I woke in the morning after the first of many restless nights on the train, it was barely light enough to see out the window, but it was enough to know we were going through the Rockies!  As it got lighter, everything seemed to be in black and white, snow and silhouettes.

It stayed that way until mid-afternoon.  I’d never seen anything like it.  It was like watching the landscape roll by in old-movie format.

Eventually, the clouds cleared and I remembered that trees are green and the sky was blue.  That seemed pretty incredible too, after so many hours devoid of color.

The change from mountains to not-mountains was ridiculously clean-cut. It was the start of many hours of flat and orange.

Oh, except for this thing, which I cannot explain:

There are so many junkyards between West Glacier and Minneapolis, and many rows of really old pick-ups and VW Beetles.  They divided the miles of endless farmland, and I was thankful for that.

Despite the returning cloud cover, we still got a beautiful sunset the night before arriving in Minneapolis the next morning.

It was a beautiful journey, but there is still so much more to come!  And even though the train tracks roll by all the same things every time, it looked very different on the way back.

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