Winter, Magnified

Yesterday was my last full day in Minnesota.  Tonight I will be hopping back on the train to San Francisco for a week to visit Oliver, then returning to Portland for my second semester at Reed.

I will miss Minnesota in the springtime.  The weather fluctuating between warm and cool, the ice expanding and contracting as if winter is taking its final breaths.  I will miss the small dripping, rushing sounds that permeate the air as the past five months melt away and flow along the sides of the streets, the snow and ice forming overhangs and caves on the curb as the water runs beneath them.

I’ve never experienced spring anywhere else.  I’m sure Portland in the springtime is beautiful, and I know there will be no dearth of water running down the sides of the streets.  But how can one appreciate the warmth of spring without having gone through the biting cold of winter?

Regardless, I decided to savor the snow that still remains here in Minnesota and went out to take some photos at ground level.  There are so many intricacies to the way that the snow falls and melts and freezes again, and the way that frost clings to different surfaces.  I had to take some time to stop and appreciate it before leaving for the warmth of California.

These dramatic frost patterns formed on the floor of my garage:



I found my own bike tracks from a few days ago:Image





A miniature curbside ice cave.  If only I were small enough to go inside and explore:Image

I love the way the sunlight reflected off this roadside mixture of snow, ice, and dirt kicked up by the last three months of cars passing by:Image

I’m ready to say goodbye to Minnesota now.  My train departs in less than 12 hours, and I can hardly wait to see what adventures await me on my passage to San Francisco.  I’ll be sure to bring you photos and stories of my train journey as soon as I arrive!

Until next time,



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