Montana in Five Days: A Town Not Built to Last

At one time, the town of Garnet flourished, with a population of 1000 miners and their families.  The problem is, this time was 1898.  Since the gold rush, it’s been all downhill for Garnet until a fire in 1912 followed by the breakout of the Great War crushed the town.  It’s a miracle that these buildings are still standing- if you can call it that.

Nowadays, Garnet is about ten miles off the freeway on curving gravel roads with sheer drop-offs on one side and little room on the other.  We had to take an alternate route to get there because a several ton semi-truck hauling a load of gravel was coming down the “main” road.

Although I do prefer nature as a subject, some of these photos turned out really cool:

I don’t know what kind of visitors Garnet had in its hayday, but there was a pretty classy hotel on the site:

Garnet was not built to last, and it shows.  Some of the buildings have sunken several feet into the ground. But that made it all the more fun to explore!

Some of these artifacts were so neat close up.  I never realized at the time that I took so many macro shots:



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