Montana in Five Days: Glorious Geothermals!

I never said it would be five consecutive days.  My life has been filled with all the wonders of freshman year, from fire-spinning to five-hour physics problem sets.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  This post is all about Montana and the glorious geothermal activity that I had the pleasure to behold there!

There wasn’t a lot of action at Mammoth Hot Springs, but the color is still undeniably beautiful:

The steam from a nearby geothermal rolled onto the road near sunset and created this cool effect:

Appropriately named “Dragon’s Mouth,” at the Artist Paint Pots:

The Grand Prismatic Spring was the most impressive feature, and the view from above was glorious:

Closer to the Prismatic, the deep blue color was preserved:

But it was hard to get the same idea of the shape and scale of it:

The Prismatic also had some vericose veins. I don’t know how these formed, but they’re very cool close up:

And of course, the cliched photo of Old Faithful to top it all off:

Stay tuned for more soon (it won’t be another month this time, I promise)!


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